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Het grote punt van Nederland – A.L. Snijders

Uit: Nederlanders: van partizaan tot pionier


Human Dignity: Eleven Human Rights Defenders at Close Range


Trailblazers: In the Footsteps of Eleven Human Rights Defenders


Kennis is licht (interview met Khadija al-Salami voor Plan Nederland)


Production editor van Longman’s Dictionary of English Language and Culture


“If the world listened to people like these, it would be a better place.”

Amazon customer review, november 2009


“One of the most important and inspiring books I ever read in my life.”

Amazon customer review, juni 2012


“A story of immense achievements reached by simple people. They all share the simple gift of listening to the humanity hidden in our shells. They transform compassion in the courage to stand out for cause and fighting for human rights. Every chapter is a real personal story of doubts, struggle, fights, tortures, courage, compassion and more… This isn’t only a book about human rights but also about the power of humanity.”

Amazon customer review, juni 2012


“Dit land herbergt zóveel talent, kent zóveel fascinatie, dingen die tot de verbeelding spreken.”

Veluweland, december 2014


“Die schatkist is nog lang niet leeg, dat is zeker.”

De Stentor, januari 2015


“Arne Peter Braaksma geeft met spraakmakende interviews tegengas aan de crisis.”

Veluweland, december 2014


“Geweldig! Magnifiek! Het heeft me goed geholpen met mijn studie engels; het is heel erg handig.”

Bol.com oktober 2004 (over Longman’s Dictionary of English Language and Culture, 2nd edition)